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Celebrating Black History Heroes: Interview with Miss Linda Campbell

February is Black History Month! As an organization founded by five black women operating in a majority black city, We the People of Detroit is always looking for ways in which we can uplift African American voices.

In celebration of this month-long holiday, we are highlighting local heroes who are making history as we speak. One of those local heroes we talked with is Ms. Linda Campbell of Detroit People’s Platform. Campbell is a local social justice advocate passionate about promoting equitable housing, transit, and development.

Campbell connects her work to affordable housing and WPD’s mission to promote water justice by saying, “Affordable housing includes healthy housing, and healthy housing includes access to fresh, affordable, potable water.”

In the recorded interview above, she details her experience as a social justice advocate. She also discusses the importance of supporting black-centered initiatives and holding elected officials accountable for passing equitable policy.

Campbell goes on to say, “Build power. Build power and will that power toward the collective good.”

We encourage you to follow Detroit People’s Platform on Instagram, @detroitpeoples, to stay informed on their latest issues. To learn more about the organization, please visit


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