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Celebrating Black History Heroes: Interview with Miss Theresa Landrum

In celebration of Black History Month, We the People of Detroit highlights local hero Ms. Theresa Landrum. Landrum is a nationally recognized environmental justice advocate passionate about promoting clean air, land, and water. When asked how she found her way into the activism space, she responded, “I did not choose to become an environmental justice advocate. I became an advocate out of necessity.”

Landrum connects her work with affordable housing and WPD’s mission to promote water justice by saying, “There are three things that no person can live without, and that’s water, air, and food.”

In the recorded interview below, she details her experience as an environmental justice advocate. She also highlights the best ways we can amplify Black voices and support creating equity in the African-American community.

Landrum goes on to say, “We didn’t go say give us a seat at the table. We said, ‘You’re having a meeting? We’re coming. Don’t shut that door.’ Many doors have been shut and we have had to kick them open.”


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