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Detroit women rally to fight for our freedom

Detroit Mich.—On Jan, 19 nearly 1,000 women defied a major snowstorm to rally at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History. This “sister march” was sponsored by Women’s March Michigan, a separate organization from the National Women’s March. The main speakers were newly-elected Michigan women politicians, but others, from “Girls Making Change” to Water Warriors to Mothering Justice, broadened the rally to update everyone on local grassroots organizing activities.


Rashida Tlaib, proudly Muslim and newly elected to the long-held seat of Congressman John Conyers, made it clear that she continues his grassroots militancy. “We look different and we think differently,” she said. “I will continue to speak truth to power. They call me Mother Bear; my anger and passion did not get checked on the steps of Congress. But this is just the beginning. We lean on each other. We are too many. Women fix things! We are going to free the U.S. from oppression again!”

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