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July 14, 2022 Communication from BOWC Chair

We appreciate the City of Detroit Board of Water Commissioners (BOWC), Chair, Michael Einhauser reaching out to us regarding the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) Lifeline Plan.

As we've consistently reiterated, We The People of Detroit (WPD) supports the overall goals of reducing arrears and guaranteeing water access for all. However, before we get behind this initiative, we will continue to ask that DWSD share the complete plan and make an effort to work in genuine, authentic collaboration with the community and water justice advocates.

In commitment to the overall goal of water affordability, we ask that DWSD:

  • Make all Lifeline Plan documents, operations plans, and funding strategies available to the public

  • Establish an Ombudsman as an internal mechanism to ensure oversight and accountability

  • Establish a community engagement plan and schedule that details specific engagement touchpoints and a reporting cadence

  • Create open lines of communication to receive and document community input on the Lifeline plan

Below is a copy of the letter we received from BOWC Chair Einhauser, as well as our response.

WPD Response Letter:


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