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Water Affordability Advocacy Toolkit

How can we make water affordable for everyone?

Join We The People of Detroit, Freshwater Future, and National Wildlife Federation for a media briefing on the new landmark water affordability report, Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

Share the tweets and graphics below to encourage your friends, followers and networks to get involved and learn how we can make water affordable for everyone!


What would it take to have affordable drinking water in #Michigan? 🤔💧@WeThePeopleDet @NWFGreatLakes @FreshwaterFutur @MoonshotWater are hosting a media briefing 11/30/22 @ 10:30am EST to discuss. Join via zoom:
Rural & urban residents of #Michigan pay a greater percentage of their income on water in 2022 than in 1980. 📈💵 Hear policy expert recommendations at Wednesday’s briefing @ 10:30am EST. @WeThePeopleDet @NWFGreatLakes @FreshwaterFutur @MoonshotWater Join via zoom:

Social Media Graphics:

Water Affordability Resources and Reports:


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