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RiverWiseDetroit - Youth Activists Test for Water Safety

"Youth organizers, mostly students from the Detroit Public Schools, are continuing to raise awareness around access to safe drinking water in school buildings and surrounding communities. They are raising their voices in response to a lack of planning by Detroit Public Schools (now DPSCD, or Detroit Public School Community District) in the face of yet another water-related public health crisis. Their education is growing beyond the confines of the classroom as they explore grassroots organizing and political self-awareness.

On August 24, DPS officials ordered drinking water in all Detroit public schools to be shut off after the most recent water-testing revealed toxic levels of lead and copper. Two-thirds of the schools tested (16 out of 24) were beyond acceptable levels, prompting the shutoffs. Subsequent testing found additional schools were also affected. Thus far, 57 of 86 schools tested have shown high levels of lead and/or copper. All Detroit public schools are utilizing bottled water and water coolers for drinking while more test results are pending."


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